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As we look forward to our next 33 years, we’re reminded that in more ways than one, there is Value in AYSO 300

Field Status:

Unless notified otherwise, please assume that fields are open and practices/games will be held.
Most decisions are made at the field, use good judgement and do not play anywhere that would be unsafe, or cause damage to the park.  If fields are closed region wide, it will be posted here.

Happy 50th Birthday AYSO!

“…To this day, (AYSO) is America’s most enlightened sports league…Fifty years later, it remains the gold standard.“–LA Times 10/16/2014

Hero of the Match!


Congratulations to US Army Specialist Richard Kartzmark Jr. who was honored as Hero of the Match at 10/5/14 Chicago Fire Game.  Rich is a former Region 300 Player, a current Referee and Parent in our region!  Rich Jr.–You are OUR HERO!  Thank you for your service!  (Pictured with daughter Skylar and Sparky.)



U8 on 10/27 and 10/29, limited spots for U10–U14 Girls on 10/28.  See full schedule and detials by clicking on EXTRA tab in right column.

A tip of the hat to retiring baseball great–and AYSO Alum–Derek Jeter.

Looks likesoccer helped your footwork!

Want to see where we PLAYSOCCER in the Community?

See our Field Map - note fields are available through the generous sharing of the Park Districts, local schools, and other user groups.  Not all fields are utitilized by AYSO 300 every season.  More detailed field location is available on the ‘Fields’ page of the website.

New to AYSO?  Did you miss AYSO 101?  Slides from the New Parent meeting are linked here.

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AYSO Region 300 is a 100% volunteer run organization. We have over 1,000 adult volunteers who coach, referee, maintain fields and equipment as well as handle the many and various roles that make our program one of the best youth sports programs in the area. Thanks to these people for helping to create a good soccer experience for our kids.  Please sign up for a volunteer position. Our kids will thank you, and so will we.

This site is intended to serve as the primary source of information for AYSO Region 300.  If you cannot find what you need, Contact Us for questions.    Mailing address is AYSO 300, P.O. Box 74, Western Springs, IL 60558