Welcome to the AYSO 300 Board

Thanks and gratitude to both our past and current AYSO 300 volunteer Board Members who have been a part of our league’s first 35 years and our league’s next 35 years.

Below is a list of board positions both filled and OPEN for the upcoming 2017-2018 Soccer Year.  If you would be interested in joining our board, please contact Drew McElligott at rc@ayso300.org.

Regional Commissioner (RC) Drew McElligott rc@ayso300.org
Assistant RC Jenny Hall arc@ayso300.org
Treasurer Andre Wolosewicz treasurer@ayso300.org
Safety Director Barb Kartzmark safety@ayso300.org
Secretary Mary De Jonge
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate David Fulscher cvpa@ayso300.org
Co-Registrar Heather Vitell registration@ayso300.org
Co-Registrar Colleen Svelnis registrar@ayso300.org
Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) Ruairi Barnwell coach@ayso300.org
Assistant RCA Benjamin Welch playerdev@ayso300.org
Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) OPEN ref@ayso300.org
Assistant RRA Russ Heinl
Game Schedule Coordinator Bernard Kash
Uniform Coordinator Sharon McBride uniforms@ayso300.org
Equipment Coordinator Ken Kloes
Fields Coordinator Relja Popovic fields@ayso300.org
Field Layout Coordinator Kevin Wallach
Summer Camps Coordinator OPEN
Director VIP Program Jim Anfield
U19C Division Coordinator Barb Kartzmark
U14C Division Coordinator OPEN
U12B Division Coordinator Pete Quealy
U12G Division Coordinator Pete Quealy
U10B Division Coordinator Jason Kwong
U10G Division Coordinator OPEN
U08B Division Coordinator Kevin Barrett
U08G Division Coordinator OPEN
U07B Division Coordinator Dave Moran
U07G Division Coordinator Roberto Sanchez
U06B Division Coordinator OPEN
U06G Division Coordinator OPEN
U05G Division Coordinator Emily Bersnak
U05B Division Coordinator Bre Schneider
Extra Program Director Bill Reilly  extra@ayso300.org
Regional Commissioners at-large Paul Kash pkash@ayso300.org