Welcome to the AYSO 300 Board

Thanks and gratitude to both our past and current AYSO 300 volunteer Board Members who have been a part of our league’s first 35 years and our league’s next 35 years.

Below is a list of board positions both filled and OPEN for the upcoming 2017-2018 Soccer Year.  If you would be interested in joining our board, please contact Drew McElligott at rc@ayso300.org.

Regional Commissioner (RC) Drew McElligott rc@ayso300.org
Assistant RC Jenny Hall arc@ayso300.org
Treasurer Andre Wolosewicz treasurer@ayso300.org
Safety Director Barb Kartzmark safety@ayso300.org
Secretary Mary De Jonge
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate David Fulscher cvpa@ayso300.org
Co-Registrar Heather Vitell registration@ayso300.org
Co-Registrar Colleen Svelnis registrar@ayso300.org
Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) Ruairi Barnwell coach@ayso300.org
Assistant RCA Benjamin Welch playerdev@ayso300.org
Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) OPEN ref@ayso300.org
Assistant RRA Russ Heinl
Game Schedule Coordinator Bernard Kash
Uniform Coordinator Sharon McBride uniforms@ayso300.org
Equipment Coordinator Ken Kloes
Fields Coordinator Relja Popovic fields@ayso300.org
Field Layout Coordinator Kevin Wallach
Summer Camps Coordinator OPEN
Director VIP Program Jim Anfield   jdanfield@sbcglobal.net
U19C Division Coordinator Barb Kartzmark  oakdale1214@msn.com
U14C Division Coordinator OPEN
U12B Division Coordinator Pete Quealy  u12boys@ayso300.org
U12G Division Coordinator Pete Quealy  u12girls@ayso300.org
U10B Division Coordinator Jason Kwong  u10boys@ayso300.org
U10G Division Coordinator OPEN
U08B Division Coordinator Kevin Barrett  u8boys@ayso300.org
U08G Division Coordinator OPEN
U07B Division Coordinator Dave Moran  u7boys@ayso300.org
U07G Division Coordinator Roberto Sanchez  u7girls@ayso300.org
U06B Division Coordinator OPEN
U06G Division Coordinator OPEN
U05G Division Coordinator Emily Bersnak u5girls@ayso300.org
U05B Division Coordinator Bre Schneider u5boys@ayso300.org
Extra Program Director Bill Reilly  extra@ayso300.org
Regional Commissioners at-large Paul Kash pkash@ayso300.org