Hey Coach!

Please remember, our league is guided by AYSO’s 6 Philosophies in everything we do.  We strive to deliver a safe, fair, fun and positive soccer experience for all of our players. This is who we are.  And we can’t do it without you.

On Game Day please remember to Be Safe: check the goals to make sure they’re anchored, adhere to the severe weather policy, alert the league if any field conditions appear to be unsafe.

Introduce yourself to your referee and the opposing coaches.  We are all volunteers on the same team, getting paid only in smiles.  Let’s make sure we’re on the same page to make this soccer player experience the very best that we can make it.

Finally, let’s be sure to show respect to one another.  Let the kids play, don’t let your behavior or that of other coaches or parents on the sideline distract the kids or ref and detract from the game.  Please don’t be like Ray.

Thanks for reading, thanks for coaching!


Spring Season Review

  • Coach Admin emails – Feel like you’re out of the loop?  Past emails are archived for your review here.
  • Weather to play – On Saturdays when there’s wet or stormy weather, decisions will be made by 7 AM if any field closures or cancellations will be necessary.  The HOME Page and Facebook will post updated status at that time.  Please encourage parents to check as well.
  • Where should coaches stand on the field?  What’s a build-out line?  Why can’t U12 kids head the ball?  What exactly is “Everyone Plays”?
    Please review our Game Day Guidelines.
  • The Offside penalty is called starting at U9- are you sure that you know the rule?
  • Coaches, do you know what the Build-Out Line and rule is?  Here’s some additional feedback and opinion about it from a Ref’s perspective.
  • Blowout games really blow.  There are always best practices for both teams to work together to manage a blowout.


  • Know the league’s policy for thunder, lightning, and severe weather.  Practices and games will most often continue play in the rain, but never when lightning or thunder is seen or heard.
  • In such cases where fields are Closed during the week due to non-severe weather conditions, the league will update the HOME page of its website by 3 PM for that afternoon.

Safety and Injury Reporting

Concussion Policy

All coaches must follow this policy if during either practice or a game a player concussion is suspected:

i) the player is done for the day;

ii) the player must have a signed release form in order to return to game or practice;

iii) an injury report shall be filled out and sent to the Safety Director and to AYSO National; In short: “if in doubt, sit them out.”

No parent, coach, or referee can overrule the sitting out policy if a concussion is suspected.  For any questions about either the heading rule or the concussion policy above, please contact me.

U12 & Younger Heading Banned, Concussion Awareness

Please review this information on concussion awareness and use it so that you can be informed in case a player concussion is suspected. As a result of raised concussion awareness and certain litigation, there is a major change taking place in U.S. Youth Soccer- no heading of the ball is permitted for ages 10 and below in games or practices.

This is not exclusively an AYSO rule, but one that all recreational and club youth soccer organizations in the U.S. are implementing effective immediately.  For this reason, in Core AYSO 300 games in the U12 division and every division below U12, any intentional header should be called by the referee as a penalty resulting in an indirect kick for the opposing team.

Read the complete description of the AYSO rule for “Heading the Ball” in games and practices. This new rule will take time for coaches, parents, referees, and most particularly players to get used to.  The league asks that we all exhibit patience and understanding as everyone adjusts to this new rule.

Coach Training

  • In-Person Coach Training – AYSO Coach Certification is required of all coaches in divisions U5/U6, U7/U8, and U10.  In-Person Coach Certification courses are 2-hour courses offered this summer through early Fall.  The Coach Training schedule will be released soon.
  • Player Clinics – All coaches and players within AYSO are encouraged to attend the league’s EXTRA Mini-Clinics during the season.  They are excellent player development opportunities for your kids and- as a coach- you can observe these player clinics and steal from some of the best youth soccer instructors this area has to offer.
  • Coaching Manuals – AYSO National has updated their Coaching Manuals, but they are unfortunately not available electronically.  The updated manuals are only available by attending an in-person training session. As an online resource, I have posted previous versions of the Coach Manuals below:

 News and Notes

  • Questions about Saturday games and Game Day Guidelines?  Review this Game Day Checklist
  • In addition to what’s below, there are also answers to some other common coaching questions at our “Did You Know?” page.
  • Brush-up on Offside Position and when an Offside Penalty should be called?  Read the rule, watch this demonstration
  • How to manage to avoid a potential blowout game.
  • Having trouble finding your game field?
  • Online Practice Scheduling – change your scheduled practice field/slot here.
  • Have you ever wanted to spend 3 hours reading the Laws of the Game?

Q & A

All coaches are encouraged to send their questions to coach@ayso300.org

Q: What does it mean- “Everyone Plays”?

A: Everyone Plays means that every single player should play at least half of every single game they attend. In U5-U8 where substitutions are only made during quarters, some players will play 2 quarters in a game while others may play 3 quarters in that same game.

The line-up card roster view available by logging into the Team Website can help you organize and be aware of your substitutions throughout the season.

But coaches should do their best to make sure that over the course of the season it’s not the same players getting 3 vs 2 quarters per game and that different combinations of players start each game.

For U9+ Divisions, coaches are substituting at certain designated dead-ball plays at their discretion.  Coaches still need to ensure as best as possible that all players play at least half of every game and strive for each player to play an approximately equal amount of time on the field.

Extra, Extra

These are some extra resources, extra things to look about and to think about to help you be the best coach that you want to be:

Becoming an AYSO 300 Coach

All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must take the Safe Haven online course at www.aysotraining.org . Coaches will need to use their eAYSO # to access this course. Go to www.eAYSO.org to find your eAYSO # or to register as a volunteer. All coaches for the U5-U10 Divisions must take either the available in-person or online age-appropriate coach certification courses for the kids in which they have volunteered to coach.  In-person coach certification courses will be offered in the summer.  Online courses are again accessed with your eAYSO # at www.aysotraining.org