AYSO 300 – Core Program

Open to kids of all experience levels age 4-18, the Core AYSO soccer program offers a weekly practice session and weekly game coached by a trained parent volunteer.

Our core program is the foundation for our organization and for a fun soccer experience built on six core values, AYSO’s Six Philosophies.  These philosophies are the pillars of all AYSO programming:

  • Balanced Teams
  • Everyone Plays
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Open Registration
  • Player Development
  • Positive Coaching

Our teams are put together in a way that makes playing soccer about the experience, not just wins or losses.  Balanced Teams result in more competitive games, which result in a more fun playing experience for our players.

Everyone Plays means that no kid spends their soccer experience sitting on the bench. Every kid plays at least half of every game and we strive for each player to get equal playing time over the course of a game and over the course of a season.

Good Sportsmanship applies to how players should respect the opposition as well as their teammates.  Parent volunteers should be respectful of the game and of each other every bit much as the kids on the field.

Our coach and referee volunteers and parents on the sideline should lead by example, all playing an important roll as gate-keepers to either encouraging good or discouraging bad or disruptive sideline behaviors from the playing environment.  Let the kids play!

Open Registration means that in our Core Program there are no try-outs, no minimum experience required to play, coach, or referee.

Our focus on Player Development is a driving force in trying to create as many opportunities as possible for your player to get as many touches on the soccer ball as possible during the season.

Through our coach training and our player clinics, we are focused on making the AYSO Core experience not only a fun experience, but one in which every player has an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, soccer IQ, and develop as a member of a team.

We ask all of our coaches to be a Positive Coach, being positive, instructive, and encouraging in all interaction with their players.  A positive coach is critical to creating a positive experience for the player not just by making the game fun, but by motivating and encouraging kids to play more, practice more, and learn more about soccer.

These philosophies make us who we are as an organization.  We ask that all parents adopt and where applicable exhibit these core philosophies.