2017-2018 Registration

Start the registration process HERE.  Please see below answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about registration.


1. How old must my child be to participate in AYSO 300?

Our Core program includes divisions for players as young as 4 and as old as 18 years of age.  If your player will turn 4 years old by September 1st, he or she will be eligible to play in our Core League though we will need to see a copy of the player’s birth certificate for age verification.

Playground Soccer (formerly called KickStart) is a program specially designed for 3 and 4 year olds. Every session is run by our professional EXTRA trainers leading games and using soccer fun to develop motor skills for early ages.

2. When is registration and how do I register my child?

Online registration for our Core program for the Fall and Spring seasons open in May of each year and remains open throughout the summer and start of Fall unless and until team roster spots are full.

After the Fall season, Spring waitlist registration will re-open in February leading into the Spring season.  Pre-Spring registration is “waitlist” registration because teams formed for the Fall season carry-over into the Spring.  Some divisions and teams will have open roster spots, others may not.

Use this link to get started to register for both new and returning players.

If your player is new to the league, you will need to show us a birth certificate for age verification by emailing a scanned copy or photo of your player’s birth certificate to registrar@ayso300.org.

For Playground Soccer, if your player is turning 3 between the dates of August 1st and December 31st of this year, please email our Registrar at registrar@ayso300.org for more information on how to register.

3. What is the deadline for player registration?

We will continue to accept player registrations so long as roster spots are open. However, any registrations completed on July 16th or later will be automatically assigned to a waiting list.

Waitlist players will be placed on teams as soon as possible where rosters spots exist, or when and if we have enough players and coach volunteers to form more teams.

Registration for the Spring season will resume starting February 19th, 2018 and will be waitlist registration because team placement remains subject to open roster spots.

4. If I have a returning player, do you need to see his/her birth certificate?

No, birth certificate review is only required of all new players with AYSO 300.

5. How do I submit my player’s birth certificate for age verification?

If your player is new to the league, you will need to show us a birth certificate for age verification by emailing a scanned copy or photo of your player’s birth certificate to registrar@ayso300.org.

6. How much is the registration fee for participation?

Beginning June 16th, our regular registration fee will apply in the amount of $150.

AYSO 300 offers an early-bird registration fee which runs through and includes June 15th, and then our regular registration fee which begins on June 16th.

This year’s early-bird registration fee is $115.  This is $10 more than last year due to park district user fees now being charged by the Western Springs and La Grange park districts.

7. What’s included for the price of registration?

The registration fee is inclusive of both the Fall and Spring seasons.

In our Core league, each season includes:

  • 1 weekly parent-coached practice
  • 1 weekly parent-coached game
  • 5 days a week of player clinics offered each season, focused on FUN soccer player development and speed & quickness activities, and coached by our professional trainers

Weather-permitting, the Fall season lasts 8 weeks and the Spring season lasts 7 weeks.  A uniform is provided for the year.

At the end of the Spring season, trophies are given to younger players and a special non-trophy item is given to older players.  The Spring season ends with our Annual Family Picnic on the final game-day in June which includes free food/beverages, bouncies, DJ, and other activities for all family members.

With our relationships with the Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars, each year we offer special events over the course of the year that include reduced priced tickets for soccer matches, pregame tailgates, and other soccer opportunities for registered families who choose to attend.

8. When does the Fall Season begin?

Opening Day games for the Fall season typically start the first Saturday after Labor Day.  This year that will be September 9th, 2017.  The Fall season lasts 8 weeks and so the final game day of the Fall season is scheduled for October 28th.

9. What if we want to play in one season but not the other?

You can register for Fall Only or Spring Only if you choose.  The same registration fees will apply, however, regardless of whether your player plays both seasons.

If your child plays Fall Only and later decides he/she wants to still play in the Spring, then all we need is your notification of this, and we will accommodate without any further charge.

10. What division will my child be in?

As always, AYSO 300 will be building teams based on school grade.  When you register your child, he/she will be automatically placed in a division based on their birth date.

If your player’s birthday is between August 1st and September 1st you will have the option for your player to “play up” on a team with his/her school grade.

Some soccer groups this year are changing how they group kids into teams.  AYSO 300 will continue to build teams and maintain divisions based on school grade and not on calendar year.  We feel it’s more fun for kids to play with other kids in their grade.

11. Can I make a team request?

The only way the league will guarantee a special request for a player to play with another player is if each player’s parent agrees to volunteer together as a Head Coach or Head Referee or Assistant Coach.  Each volunteer must complete required training for each position and each volunteer must request each other in the comments field provided during registration.

12. On what days will my child’s practices and games take place?

In the U5 and U6 divisions, players play only on Saturdays and not during the week.  Each Saturday begins with a 30-minute practice session followed by a 24-minute game.

For the U7 and older divisions, your parent-volunteer coach will ultimately decide on what day, at what time, and at what field your team will hold it’s weekly 1-hour practice session.

All games are Saturdays and game start times are scheduled between 8AM and 1PM.

13. What is AYSO 300’s refund policy?

Requests for refunds must be received by email prior to August 1st.  Refund amount will be based on the following:

Any refund request received by July 15 will receive a full refund of the amount paid. Any refund request received between July 16 and August 1 will receive 1/2 refund of the amount paid.

No refund will be issued for requests received after August 1.

Please email requests to: registrar@ayso300.org


How do I become an AYSO Referee?

Volunteer!  Next you must complete Volunteer Registration by

the training to become an AYSO referee is provided to you free of charge. Note: All volunteers must register annually, even if they no longer have kids in AYSO.