Spring 2018 Game Schedule

Opening Day games for the Spring 2018 season will be on Saturday, April 21st.  The final game of the Spring season will be Saturday, June 9th.  The Spring Game Schedule will be posted approximately 3 weeks prior to Opening Day.

The time listed on the game schedule for U7 and older division is the time when the game’s kick-off should occur.  The time listed on the game schedule for U5 and U6 teams is the time when coaches should begin their 30-minute practice session, followed by a 24-minute game.  Please be sure to look at the time listed at the top of the column for each individual week.


Maps and addresses of individual field locations can be found here.   A regional map of all fields used by Region 300 can be found here.  *Not all fields are in use for every season.* 
Practices and games may continue play in the rain, but never when lightning or thunder is seen or heard.  Know the league’s safety policy for thunder, lightning, and severe weather.  

Games should be canceled for no reason other than safety concerns due to field or weather conditions. 

Please be mindful that we share these fields with other users and members of the community.  Let’s all do our part by collecting and disposing of trash after every game and doing our best to leave the field in good condition.