Information for Volunteers

BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED: AYSO Region 300 is a 100% volunteer run organization.  It takes many volunteers to make this program work.  Some of our most experienced board members will soon be leaving the AYSO 300 Board after many years of service.   We are recruiting new board members who can assist us in continuing recreational soccer in the community.  Without the commitment of additional volunteers, our program will not continue to flourish as it has these past few years.

We need the next generation of volunteers to step up.  Please consider making a commitment to the 3,000+ children of our community by volunteering to join the AYSO 300 Board.  Current open board positions include:

Field Lay-Out Coordinator–Coordinate initial field lay-out of all fields each fall and spring.

Division Coordinator–Form and manage teams for one age group. Liaison between head coaches and AYSO Board.

Secretary–Take minutes at monthly board meeting.

Summer Camps Coordinator–Liaison between AYSO Board and our summer camp vendors.

If interested, please send an email to our hotline.

Volunteer Opportunities: Position Descriptions

Completion of registration forms on-line early is strongly encouraged as volunteer duties have number limits. Once limit is reached, position is closed.

BOARD MEMBER – Participates in making decisions for the region. Assumes responsibility for one of a variety of standing positions. Attend board meetings the second Thursday of each month.

HEAD COACH – Responsible for running team practices and making line-ups for games. No experience necessary as Coaching Clinics are held prior to the beginning of the fall season. Clinics are age specific with booklets to help you along the way.

ASSISTANT COACH – Responsible for assisting the Head Coach. No experience necessary as Coaching Clinics are held prior to the beginning of the fall season. Clinics are age specific with booklets to help you along the way.

REFEREE – Responsible for officiating games. No experience necessary as a Referee Clinic will be ran prior to the start of the fall season. We provide experienced ‘mentor’ referees to instruct you and answer questions during the season. Uniforms are also provided.

ASSISTANT REFEREE – Assist the Referee by calling out-of bounds and offsides. No experience necessary as Assistant Referees also attend a Referee Clinic.

FIELD STRIPER – Stripe field prior to Saturday games for either the fall season or spring season.

FIELD BANNER TENDER — Place and retrieve banners for two Saturday mornings at Gordon Park or Ehlert Park or Spring Rock Park.

NETS AND GOALS – Help put up nets and secure goals before the first game in the spring and take down the nets after the last game of the fall season. Verify goals are anchored and replace anchors if necessary during the season.  No experience necessary.

ORGANIZATION DAY – Hand out equipment bags, uniforms, rosters and schedules to coaches at Spring Rock Park. Held approximately two weeks before each season begins on a Saturday morning between 8 a.m. and Noon.

EQUIPMENT PREPARATION – Check equipment to make sure it is ready for use (put air in balls, separate goalie shirts, etc.) Divide equipment for distribution to coaches. Done at Spring Rock Park usually early one Saturday morning prior to the start of the fall season.

EQUIPMENT TURN-IN – Collect equipment from coaches and distribute trophies on last game day of the spring, 2013 season.

FIELD LAYOUT – Prior to the fall and spring seasons, work with field director to do initial layout of fields. No experience necessary as you will work with experienced people.

GAME BAG KEEPER – Delivers game bag and flags to local park each Saturday morning before 8 a.m. Checks contents of bag weekly to ensure contents are full and do not need to be replenished.

MISCELLANEOUS VOLUNTEER – Perform miscellaneous tasks throughout the year when called upon.

PICNIC June, 9, 2012 — Help with annual picnic.  Time commitment of 4 – 5 hours.

Picture Day September 16, 2012 — Help with collection of gently used soccer uniforms and equipment.

Picture Distribution, October,  2012 — Help distribute pictures to coaches. Usually done one evening or one Saturday the end of October, 2012.

PRE-SEASON FIELD INSPECTOR — Check fields one week prior and day prior to first game each spring and fall. (Check for garbage, nets, lines, etc.).

Publicity/Marketing — Help with publicity for AYSO. This includes distribution of flyers, contacting schools and local media outlets.

REGISTRATION- Be prepared to help with registration day on either May 6 or May 20, 2012. Time commitment of 4-5 hours.

TROPHY/PICTURE BOX UNLOADING- Help unload boxes of trophies and pictures. Usually done one afternoon in October and in May.

UNIFORM COORDINATION, August, 2012 — Help Uniform Coordinator sort through uniforms one Saturday or Sunday in August, 2012.